Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (2023)

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If you want to buy a lacrosse head you really need to know what you are looking for. We all just want to pick the best lacrosse heads, but how do we know which ones are the best?

VanBuy lacrosse heads based on your style, but you should also consider your position, skill level, and style of play.Two fellows with the same skill level may not like the same main types.

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, goaltender or midfielder, the right lacrosse head is here for you.

Different types of lacrosse heads

Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (1)

Lacrosse Head Attack

Generally,Lacrosse strike heads are the smallest and lightest heads you can get.The best lacrosse strike head is designed for powerful shots at high speeds and is best suited for aggressive players.

They are thinner than Defender heads and have a longer distance from pocket to lip, but still give you great control. Because they are so light, you have a much better feel for the ball while it is in the pocket.

Lacrosse head in midfield

Midfielders need different lacrosse heads than forwards, so make sure you use one of the best lacrosse heads for midfielders. Usually this kindThe Lacrosse head has a rounded head for faster balls.

The midfielder's lacrosse head is also light enough to move quickly because midfielders move at such a fast pace. They need a high, deep pocket to better control the ball once they have it.

Lacrosse Defensive Leader

A defensive lacrosse head is not much different from a center fielder's head. They haveWider pocket areas to make it easier for players to intercept shots or passes.

Pocket depth really depends on your own style of play, but defensive heads can be quite deep.

Lacrosse goalkeeper head

Lacrosse goalkeeper heads arethe biggest heads you can get for your stick.They really are the last line of defense because once the ball reaches the keeper, nothing else can stop the opposing team from scoring.

There isn't much variety when it comes to goalkeeper heads, so you'll want to choose one that you're comfortable working with.

The 10 Best Lacrosse Headlines (2021)


skill level



check it now

1. From Maverik Tactics

Editors choice




2. Omega-Together STX

high performance



99 %

3. The Maverick Chin




97 %

4. ECD Mirage-kop

For starters



96 %

5. STX Sementale 700 Pro



98 %

6. StringKing Mark 2

For ladies



99 %

7. Krieger Controller X



94 %

8. Maverik Optik U



95 %

9. Guerrero Evo 5X



93 %

10. CEO van Nike



97 %

1. Maverik Herren's Cabeza Tactik Lacrosse

Best Lacrosse Head (Editor's Choice)

If you're looking for a top-notch lacrosse stick, look no further than the Maverik Tactik. This unstrung lacrosse head is our pick for the best lacrosse head on the market.

Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (2)

The tactical head features X-Rail technology, which can distribute the load to the opposing rail. This keeps the design light yet rigid. In addition, the blade features Optimal Release Point technology, which increases control through the use of additional support. There is also a large energy transfer.

The Duratough material of which it is composed increases the rigidity of the head. It is also weather resistant, so even if it rains you will not be bothered. The bottom rail on the headstock is a Stage 3 designed for mid-pocket delivery, making it the perfect blend of accuracy and power.

Multiple cord straps also allow you to customize your bag. Being wireless, the head can already be adjusted so you can get the perfect head for your needs. The head is made to universal specs, so it should work just fine no matter what league you play in. However, this is not a good option for beginners.

2. Leader of the Omega Lacrosse Stallion Men by STX

high performance

If you're looking for a high-performance offensive lacrosse head, check out the STX Stallion Omega. This is an unstrung lacrosse head that gives you the highest strength to weight ratio of any lacrosse head.

Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (3)

The clubhead is made of omega polymer that helps maintain head power without sacrificing power. The accompanying SpeedScoop technology is better suited to dealing with ground balls from any angle.

One of the most impressive things about the Stallion Omega is that it has the largest legal offset possible, giving you better overall touch and support. Updated Stallion rail geometry provides increased strength and stability.

Finally, the Innerlock technology helps to thread this skin easier than ever. This is because the channel is narrowed to give you more grip. The hole placement has also been optimized to give you a wide range of pocket options, giving you the best possible customization options.

This clubhead is designed for aggressive, top-level players who need to move fast and still hit the ball with great power.

3. Cabeza de Kinetik Lacrosse de Maverik Men


If you're looking for a budget option, we recommend the Maverik Kinetic head. This is an unstrung lacrosse head.

Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (4)

The Kinetik head is made of Duratough material and can therefore be played in all weather conditions. The head has a rigid design optimized to support a mid-height bag. This gives you a good level of performance and accuracy.

The clubhead also features a Level 4 bottom rail for ball security and solid performance. The trigger point is optimal, so that a lot of energy is transferred with a shot. This means that your ball will fly at high speed and with the utmost precision.

In addition, the head-like X-Rail technology ensures that the load is distributed evenly and efficiently on the opposing rail, giving you a light feeling. Finally, the tension lock channel ensures a better shot channel when threading the head.

The Kinek head also conforms to universal regulations, so you can use it in any league you belong to.

4. East Coast Dyes Mirage Lacrosse Head Heren

For starters

Lacrosse beginners should be able to get a good lacrosse stick that fits their needs. If this sounds like you, check out East Coast Dye Mirage.

The Mirage has a narrow face shape that gives you precise control. Pocket tension was also determined by the shape of the face, removing excess material to give you a consistent shot.

The construction material of the headboard is UV resistant, reducing the risk of the headboard cracking or otherwise breaking over time. The clubhead features reinforced support in key areas to remove excess material and extend clubhead life.

The aggressive face combined with the narrow face shape gives you the ability to adjust the pocket tension for an even channel. The bottom rail layout is stepped, giving you an ideal layout for gaming.

Even if elite players wouldn't be satisfied with it, the features of this head will surely satisfy the needs of any beginner. While many entry-level heads are strung, this one is unstrung, giving you more customization options.

5. STX Herren Stallion 700 Pro Lacrosse Head

Covered lacrosse cup

Some players like the ease that a nervous head brings. It saves you the trouble of having to string it yourself. Our pick for the best string attack lacrosse head is the SRX Stallion 700 Pro.

This racket head is equipped with Memory Mesh Super Soft, a first-class string type. Built-in SpeedScoop technology makes scooping effortless by minimizing blade resistance coming from the head. It's also 25% stiffer than other heads, yet 5% lighter, giving you the power and performance you need while still allowing you to ride easily without breaking a sweat.

The clubhead design is a double sidewall design that gives you optimal stability when shooting, checking and even grounding. C-Channel technology distributes tension across the sidewall, preventing rips and increasing the overall strength of the clubhead. There is also a certain stability between the lines.

This header is NCAA and NFHS compliant, so it will work in any league.

6. StringKing Mark 2 Women's Offensive Lacrosse Cup

For ladies

The perfect women's lacrosse head is the StringKing Mark 2 Offensive Head. This is a medium size lacrosse head that will not disappoint anyone who wears it.

The Mark 2 has an aggressive offset and a narrower face shape than the standard head. That's why there's a more focused pocket, giving you ultimate ball control and faster shots. Being an offensive head, it doesn't do well on defenders.

This head is covered with a soft type 4 mesh fabric. This gives you better control and a high pocket that allows for a faster release. It really is designed to take you to the highest level of gaming you can get.

The head itself is designed to be lightweight. This has been achieved by removing excess material so that the head has only the materials it really needs to function properly. In addition, it has an aggressive, angled sidewall design that gives you more control and much more precise shots than with a simpler head.

This racket head is best suited for intermediate players who want to further improve their skills.

7. Warrior Regulator X Lacrosse-Kopf

The Warrior Regulator X has an extremely wide face shape that makes it easier to catch and receive passes.

The head is X-spec, so you can use it in high school and college. It is very well angulated and rolls easily on natural grass and natural grass. Another cool thing about this sheet is that it has some fine details on the head.

The Regulator X featured a revised Revolution-style sidewall that is much more aggressive. The openings are slightly larger at the top, so it gets a bit stiffer. He has a neck that looks OG with all the cutouts and other parodies.

It has a very nice warrior neck that looks fantastic. Warrior introduced a new technology called Throat Lock that works quite well.

The solid 18 holes that extend to the underside of the clubhead give you plenty of options to put in your pocket. All holes are slightly enlarged for easier entry.

8. Lacrosse Chief Maverik Optik U

The Maverik Optik U has an extremely rounded blade, which makes it ideal for ground balls. It is stiff but has enough flexibility for shooting.

The outer ribs have a matte finish, while the inner sidewall is hollowed out. It has many holes in the side panels through which any bag can be threaded. This lacrosse head is primarily designed for a medium to low pocket due to the flat bottom rail.

The top cap has six extremely large string holes on the top and the bottom string holes are big enough for leather. It's stiff and stiff at the starting point of the neck, but the further you go, the more flexibility you'll notice.

It is easy to catch yet has a nice flash and pinch point that allows you to easily keep the ball on your racket.

The racket blade is definitely designed for the matchup position as the racket blade is extremely stiff, but if you are a power player it's great because you can really dominate with it. The Maverik Optik U weighs 4.8 ounces, placing it right in the middle of all high-end headboards.

9. Warrior Evo 5X Middies Lacrosse Headband

If you've read some of my other items, you know I love Warrior products. They make very good quality products that last a long time.

You may have noticed that the Warrior Evo range has been mentioned earlier in our articlebest lacrosse helmets. Why is the Warrior Evo doing so well?

The Warrior Evo 5X is my favorite Evo because it has a strong face shape.

It is super light - the head weighs exactly 5.3 grams. With the 17 rope holes you can make any bag you want. It's a great header for passing.

Lock-gate technology ensures that the screw locks securely in the spindle, so you don't have to worry about head rattling.

The new tilting technology in this clubhead helps to apply power more tightly to the net, giving players more consistency on the pitch so you never lose accuracy.

The Evo jewelry on the front is exquisite and stands out from other heads on the market. The Evo 5X is ideal for rolling balls.

10. Nike CEO Lacrosse Head for Middies

The CEO of Nike is a universal boss, which means he has rights in college and high school.

It has a very narrow face shape and a very high flash point, giving you a lot of natural precision and excellent ball retention.

The pointed blade creates a natural channel and helps you shoot. With the extremely low hit point you get a very fast and smooth release.

The CEO of Nike has 8 large holes that go all the way through the head and are also well spaced. It also features 4 well-sized and well-placed sponsor holes large enough for leather.

The CEO of Nike weighs 5.1 ounces, which puts him in the range of what you would expect from an elite head.

All in all, the CEO of Nike is a fairly easy racket blade to string, the racket blade naturally fits in a medium-sized bag and, with its narrow face shape, also fits in a medium-sized bag. It has a very soft and agile launch, making it ideal for those who want to play attacks or shoot really fast. It is made of high-quality plastic that does not become brittle in the cold and does not become too thin in the heat.

11. Warrior Burn FO Lacrossehoofd

The Warrior Burn FO is inspired by Trevor Baptiste. It has a plug-in neck, which gives you a shorter neck with this lacrosse head.

The paddle is great because it's angled, which allows you to throw ground balls at a higher angle. The side panels are all built to last and the head tilts forward.

The flexible left side panel allows you to gain control and position in 50/50 battles. The shorter throat allows players to take advantage more quickly after the whistle.

The universal pinch design suits different styles, from face to face, flexible face or traditional. It is designed asymmetrically to provide a balance of recovery, strength and flexibility.

The Warrior Burn FO has been developed to support the most common fighting techniques.

12. Cabeza de lacrosse Maverik Tank U

Designed specifically for a defender, the Maverik Tank U is a very special head.

It's stiff, durable, powerful and built to last, and the name reflects what it's intended for. The distances are equal, so there are no weak points when climbing.

The face shape is extremely wide and has an X-shaped back, making it suitable for all skill levels. This is great for defense as it gives you plenty of room to catch and makes ground balls a lot easier.

What I like most about the Maverik Tank U is the blade, because it's flat and not round or pointed. The extremely flat blade makes it a vacuum ball, so it's very easy to position it parallel to the ground to vacuum everything in the entire radius.

It features a level 5 bottom rail, which means the thickness point is slightly higher on the head, resulting in a slightly higher pocket build. Despite his super-wide face shape, he hangs very easily.

This head features Maverik's True Shape technology, which helps the head maintain its shape.

13. King Pickle X Lacrossehoofd

The Brine King X is on the high end of the price spectrum and is legal for all levels of play.

The overall look and aesthetic of this head is nice, clean and simple.

It only has two sidewall scissor clamps, which are fairly simple but well spaced. This ensures that there are not too many weak points between the heads.

Instead of a thick neck area, this head has undercuts that help to reduce weight in the area where you don't need as much strength.

Inside the sidewall of this head is an upgrade to Brine's core technology. Essentially, the inside of the sidewall is hollowed out to give it more strength while reducing weight.

The head has a very wide and flat blade which is great for ground balls but is slightly less good for accuracy and precision as it is a bit flatter.

The deep channel to the center provides that consistency and keeps the ball rolling to the center every time. It has 6 large string holes on the top, big enough for a double triangle string. They are well spaced across the wide headstock, giving you nice tight sample holes and more string options.

The Brine King X is a bit pricey, but if you're looking for a high-quality head, this is a perfect choice.

14. Warrior NOZ 2X lacrosse competition

The Warrior NOZ 2X is the second edition of the Warrior NOZ X, which has been a huge hit with offensive and forceful players. His main goal with this new limited edition headstock was to improve the string design so that it could be used by all players.

It features a decent bag that allows every player to get a good bag according to their different preferences. The face shape is slightly wide at the neck and slightly flared at the sides.

The holes in the saddles allow you to pack a lot of mesh really tight, giving you the perfect amount of channel you want. This gives you sufficient support without adding too much weight.

This isn't the stiffest head as it's sacred, making it great for matchups and won't affect an offensive player's play.

It weighs approximately 61/4 ounces and is one of the lightest heads on the market. The lightweight design makes it very easy to play.

Factors to consider when looking for the best lacrosse head

Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) | Middie and Attack Lacrosse Chiefs (5)

head shape

The shape of the head should be chosen according to your current skill level and the position you are playing. A wider clubhead works best if you're a fullback or just getting into lacrosse.

Wider heads are easier to catch. Narrower heads are better for spikers and shallower blades are better for picking up ground balls. Asymmetrical heads, on the other hand, are better suited for middies, as they tend to bump into each other.

your opinion

As mentioned earlier, the selection of a header often depends on the position you are playing. Goalkeepers and defenders tend to wear bigger and heavier heads.

Attackers and midfielders, on the other hand, generally need narrower or more asymmetrical heads to do their job properly, as they need to be able to move the ball quickly. If you play in multiple positions you may need two separate heads, or try to find one that works for both.

Besaite vs non-besaite

String lacrosse skins used to be the first choice for beginners, but as technology advances, they are often chosen by advanced players as well.

Unstrung heads still give you the best opportunity to customize the strings of your head and the bag itself, but now strung heads have more options with their bags and look a lot cleaner. However, beginners should still keep a nervous head.


Another decision to make is the type of mesh. The soft mesh does not break down over time and makes it easier to touch the ball. They are also easier to thread, but lose their shape over time.

The hard net is quieter and lasts longer, but takes time to break in, is harder to string and has less ball feel. Which network is right for you depends more on your personal preferences.


It may not seem like there is a huge difference in weight from head to head, but weight can really make a difference. Most lacrosse heads are lightweight, but if you add just a few ounces, the weight makes a noticeable difference.

The weight usually depends on the dimensions of the head and the material it is made of. Attacking positions often opt for a lighter head than a keeper would need.


Your budget is another factor to consider. Generally speaking, spending more will get you a better-known branded product made from better materials.

But you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good head. If you're new to lacrosse, don't spend a fortune on a stick that probably won't do you any good at your current skill level. Before you spend the money, consider whether it's worth it.

Ons Lacrosse Head Review-proces

There are many more options available, and indeed there are many quality lacrosse heads that surprisingly don't cost as much as you think and will help you improve your game.

Every time I buy new stuff, I want to buy products that help me stand out from the crowd. I spent countless hours testing and analyzing different minds to write this article, and I'm now ready to get a little nerdy.

Usually the size and width of your lacrosse head is determined by your position and skill level. Usually I am always asked if it is worth spending over $300 on a new lacrosse head. The answer is that it really depends on how much you play and how serious you are about your lacrosse.

Various lacrosse heads

Now you're probably wondering which lacrosse head to choose. We recommend that beginners or defenders look for a wider head as this makes it easier to catch and lift the ball.

Forwards or midfielders prefer a narrower, narrower head for maximum shot accuracy and support and control, but that means catching can be a little more difficult.

head compensation

Reading the header, you may be wondering what an offset is. Most heads have this design feature of lowering the head just behind the throat. It is designed to lower the ball into the racket, improving your feel and control.

stiffness of the head

Finally, you may want to think about what stiffness to choose. You can choose a flexible or rigid head. Stiff heads are great for defenders who like to control hard and are more resilient to ground balls.

Attacking players may prefer the Flex option, a lightweight racket blade designed for maximum hand speed and control.


This is kind of overlooked and you might be wondering what the scoop is at first. It is a feature on the top of the lacrosse head and affects the way the ball goes in and out of the head.

If you're an offensive player, you'll probably go for a curved/pointed racket, which increases accuracy so the ball goes straight every time. The other option is a flat paddle, which is slightly wider and easier to pick up the ball, making it suitable for beginners and defensive players alike.

Whatever type of player you are, there's a lacrosse head for you. For starters, since most of these options are unstrung, I found a quick two minute guide on which net to choose for your lacrosse head.

Instructions for stringing the lacrosse head

  • Double the row of diamonds so that you have two rows. At the top are ten diamonds.
  • Pull the cord through the first pane and over the side wall rail.
  • Thread the wire through the second side panel fastener and firmly attach the first diamond to the side panels.
  • Pass the string through the second diamond and pull it through the first hole.
  • Pull it back and fasten it tight.
  • Attach the third handle to the first tablespoon following the same idea. Then thread the thread through the fourth diamond and the second round hole.
  • Secure it in place and thread the cord through the fifth diamond and through the second round hole.
  • Continue this process until you reach the 10th diamond, attach it to the holes in the side panels and pull the cord across the track. Secure it with a knot.

Rules and Regulations for Lacrosse Heads

The rules and regulations of lacrosse heads depend on where you play. If you're in high school, your lacrosse head must meet NFHS guidelines, which require a minimum width of 6.5 inches and a maximum width of 10 inches.

At university level, you must follow theseNCAA rules, which means you need an NCAA head. If you don't belong to one of these groups, you may be able to get a universal head. These heads often meet NCAA and NFHS standards, but you should be sure if you want to use a universal head in either league.

It's incredibly important to use a legal head, otherwise you could be completely banned from the game and your team penalized for doing so.

last words

When it comes down to it, this is itThe best lacrosse head you can get is the Maverik Men's Tactik Lacrosse Head.. This racket head is stiff yet lightweight, allowing you to get both speed and power out of it. It will take a while to break, but once you do you won't be disappointed at all.

IsThe best performing lacrosse head is the STX Stallion Omega. This head offers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other head we've tested, making it a great choice for aggressive attackers who really need to be in the middle of the action.

Make sure your lacrosse cup matches your skill and position. Beginners don't need the same mind as an elite player, and goalkeepers need a different mind than forwards. Consider what your needs are before you decide to play lacrosse.


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