Come closer darling, hold me in your arms lyrics (2023)

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Ed Sheeran - Afire Love Lyrics
Baby, hold me in your arms like you did last night and let's lie inside for a while, oh, I could look into your eyes until the sun came up and we were in light and in life and wrapped in love. Open your lips to mine and slowly let them close Because they're meant to be together, oh, with your body next to mine, our hearts will beat as one.

Ed Sheeran - Perfect lyrics and translation of the song.
Baby just hold my hand Be my girl I'll be your man I see my future in your eyes Baby I'm dancing in the dark With you in my arms Barefoot on the grass Listen to our favorite song When I saw you in that dress She's so beautiful I don't deserve it yeah baby You're perfect tonight No no no baby I'm dancing in the dark

Baby just hold my hand Be your girl, you'll be my man And I see my future in your eyes Well baby I'm dancing in the dark with you in my arms Barefoot on the grass [Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran:] As long as we're ours favorite song what i heard when i saw you in that dress you looked so beautiful i don't deserve this baby you look perfect tonight

Dan Seals Lyrics - Lullaby
Lyrics by Dan Seals. "Lullaby". Sleep, lie down, hold me tight in your arms. And I'll close my eyes Please promise me when I wake up from my dreams. You'll be by my side Baby when you say you won't run away So I can dream more and more. But I won't rest until

Lyrics and TranslationHello Darlin' Conway Twitty
Let me hold you in my arms one more time. Thank you love. God bless you. And every step you take brings you closer to the things you seek to find. Goodbye darling, I must go now, I must try to find a way to lose these memories of a love so warm and true. And if you find it in your heart to forgive me, come back baby

Lyrics of Dooqu – My love
Open hearts, don't move, they might get hurt, hold me safe in your arms, hold me tight 'cause we're unarmed, you my love, stay open and empty to fill you with our own new ways, yeah. But it scared me. I stay here because the weight on my shoulder doesn't weigh when you're around, my love, my love, you stay, my love

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Letra da música de Keith Whitley - Don't Close Your Eyes
Even now in my arms you still want him I know but baby this time let your memories die if you hold me tonight don't close your eyes don't close your eyes let me be me don't pretend he was in some fantasy baby just once, let go of yesterday You'll find more love than you've ever known. Just hold me tight if you love me tonight and don't...

Brandon Lake Lyrics
"Closer" Like the wind that blows Would you breathe into my heart Through the raging storm Would you hold me? 'Cause I need you like I need you I need your love like I need water I need your love like I need breath in mine Lungs burning in my heart like fire Come and take me Jesus pull me closer to yours heart

Letra de Ricky Skaggs - Little Bessie
Lyrics by Ricky Skagg "Little Bessie" Hold me tighter mommy tighter put your arms around me 'cause I'm cold and tired dear mommy but I feel so strong tonight. Something hurts me, dear mother, Like a stone in my chest, Oh, I wonder, mother, I wonder Why I can't rest. All day while you worked while I lay in my bed

WILLIAM MCDOWELL Lyrics - Closer - Wrap me in your arms
Wrap me in your arms Wrap me in your arms Take me to this place Lord. To that secret place where. i can be with you you can make me like you wrap me in your arms wrap me in your arms wrap me in your arms

Conway Twitty - Darlin' Lyrics
Conway Twitty lyrics from "Darlin'" Darling, darling, darling Put your arms around me, baby, please, darling, darling, darling Kiss me one more time before you go. If you have to go, go. Before I beg you, stay with me. I become weak because I am strong. The first thing you know I'm going to get down on my knees. dear, dear dear

Letra "Take me in your arms (rock me a little)".
Take me in your arms, come rock me and rock me a little. Hold me baby, rock me, rock me for a while as I lose you and my happiness. My life is over, I must confess to you I'll never, never see your smiling face again I'll never, never hear your knock on my door Before you leave me, please let me be happy

Lyrics and translation of Hooked On A Feeling by B.J. thomas
When you hold me so tight in your arms, you let me know that everything is alright. I'm addicted to a feeling On top of believing that you're in love with me. Lips are sweet like candy. The taste is in my head. Girl you got me thirsty for another glass of wine I feel bad for you girl. But I don't need a cure. I'm going to be hooked and hopefully I can handle it.

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Halsey Lyrics - Darling
To visit me when I'm dead and gone Baby don't cry There's a place for me Somewhere we can sleep See you in your dreams baby don't cry Go fast to the light Foolish men tried But only you showed me how to love to be live till it's time to see the light every night i'll do mine with you i'll kidnap all the stars...

Mike Denver - My Darling Kathleen Lyrics
Sweet face and the girl I wanted was in my arms oh please don't wake me from this beautiful dream in your arms I'm in heaven my dear Kathleen but today our friends meet again in this old church gathered to say goodbye to the girl I adore and If God grants me one last dream, I'll dance in the sky...

Lyrics and TranslationJust Can't Stay Away by Natalie Cole
They said you weren't good for me, but I just brushed it off. Yes, because I didn't have time, I didn't have time to sit down and decide what to do. You know when someone controls your mind, you're not very important So you can see that's why I (just can't) just can't walk away (walk away) Oh, oh (from you) from you, oh baby Hold me baby, hold on (I just can't...

Dionne Warwick - Whisper In The Dark lyrics and song translation.
I want to hurry up, darling, and take my time. Stay with me And let me feel you in my arms. Touch me and slowly take my breath away. So tell me things no one else would. And I want to feel your heart here every night. And I long to hear your voice say, "It's okay." meet him, then you. whisper in the night

Bryan Adams - Do I have to say the words?
Save me from the swamp Whispering words of desire Save me, darling, save me With open arms I want you here by my side Come to me, darling, save me When this world closes down There's no need to pretend Set it free me darling save me I don't wanna let you go so I stand in your way I've never needed anyone the way I need you today

Songtext von Shania Twain - Forever and ever
In your arms I can still feel how you want me when you hold me. I can still hear the words you whispered when you told me I could stay here in your arms forever. And there's no way I'm letting you go now And there's no way And there's no way I'll ever see that day Cause I'll keep you forever and ever

Take me in your arms and love me oh baby Take me higher with the touch It turns me on baby oh so much. Here I am. Take me in your arms and love me, baby, baby This feeling must stay strong. I'm going to explode any second. Now is the time, now is the time. take all this love away from me

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Aretha Franklin - Rescue Me Lyrics
Aretha Franklin Lyrics "Rescue Me" Save me Oh, take me in your arms Save me I want your tender charm 'Cause I'm lonely and blue I need you and your love too Come on and save me Come on baby and me save Come baby and save me 'Cause I need you by my side Can't you see I'm all alone? Save me Come and take my heart

Eddy Arnold - I'll Hold You in My Arms (1947) Letra
As you have never been insured before. I'll think about each day and then I'll dream all night. Until you're back in my arms The stars in the sky know why. I feel so sad when I'm away from you. I will carry you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms. So darling, please wait for me. The stars in the sky know the...

Josh Turner Lyrics - Your Man
Josh Turner Lyrics "Your Man" Lyrics Baby close the door and turn off the light And play some music soft and slow for a long time I've never felt a feeling so strong I can't believe how much it turns me on Just being you, man, there's no rush, don't worry

Stevie Wonder - Hold Me Lyrics
Lyrics by Stevie Wonder. "Hug me". Hug me, honey, hug me. And I will always be his, I will be his type. Come closer, honey, come closer. Let me be the one you love and be by your side. Why should you be alone when I need you so? Give my arms a chance, I know I'll never let you go. So hold me baby hold me

Anne Murray lyrics - Make love to me
Take me in your arms and never let me go. Whisper softly to me while the moon is low. Hold me tight and tell me what I want to know. Tell me softly, let the sweet talk flow. Come a little closer, make love to me. Kiss me one more time before saying goodnight. Take me in your loving arms and hold me tight. Get me in the mood so I can dream all night

Letra de Whitney Houston - Hold Me
Hold me in your arms tonight We'll make it last forever When the morning sun comes up We'll find our way together I believe you when you say you love me I know I won't let you go Tonight the magic started you didn't hug me, touch me Make me your wife tonight. there's something in her eyes i see i won't abuse her trust in me

The Isley Brothers - Nimm mich in deine Arme (Rock Me a Little While ...
Take me in your arms, come rock me and rock me a little. Hold me baby, bend me, bend me for a while I'm losing you and my happiness. I have to admit that my life is over. I will never, never see your smiling face again. I will never, ever hear your knock on my door. Before you leave me, leave me behind.

(Video) Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Lyrics)

Take me in your arms and love me, oh baby Come on, let's share the joy and brightness of this moment, warm and tender Hold me, kiss me long Make this night a sweet song Love me Love me Oooh, honey My heart anxious is beating fast Don't lose the feeling, let it last Here I am. Take me in your arms and love me oh baby take me higher with the touch

Lyrics by Maverick City Music
Will you hold me in your arms, arms? Because I need you like I need you, I need your love like I need water, I need your love like I need to breathe in my lungs. My heart burns like fire. Come and take me Jesus pull me close to your heart Wind and rain I can hear you call my name, name And when the night gets rough

Songtext von Rick Astley - Hold me in your arms
Hold me in your arms, I won't feel better with you holding me in your arms, we can weather this storm together. We both know there's a problem, a problem to face, take your place 'Cause we all have a problem, we all have fears, but there must always be a way, yeah, we all have feelings, we all...

Marvin Gaye Music Lyrics - Hold Me, Oh My Darling
Every time I hear your name, all my friends and family say I love you (I love you), I love you to no avail. yeah yeah Cuddle up, wrap around my shoulder what you care and how my love, my love, my love, my love grows old yeah yeah tell me that flame, that flame, flame flame flame...

Zach Bryan Song Lyrics - Darling
And everybody hates me from here to Tennessee So hold me through the shakes even though it's more than I can take There's no other choice for damaged boys like me Hold me through the shakes even though it's more than you can take You'll still be my love. When you agree, I will be yours, baby. Deixe-me ter a porra dos meus dedos

Lyrics and translationEmotion by Bee Gees
I will cry a river that leads to your ocean. You'll never see me fall apart With the words of a broken heart. It's just the emotion that brings me back. Come home, dear. You know there won't be anyone else in this world to hold me tight. There's no one else in this world to kiss goodnight

Creed Fisher Lyrics - Come Hold Me
You could come and hold me You could come and hold me We won't have to fight anymore Hey girl Let's lay down Hold you in my arms And we'll work it out I know you love me Hey girl Let's make love one more time Time will never be enough You know I love you And however long it would take To walk out that door could you come and...

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