Forget regrets or life is yours - champagne dreams (2023)

There's this habit, one more perennial question, actually, that I ask most guys I date:What is your favorite musical?

And considering I'm not even the biggest fan of musicals, I'm not even good at analyzing musicals.

I don't know what makes me ask these guys. In a way, I'm trying to gauge whether they're masculine enough to appreciate musicianship, showmanship, and flair for larger-than-life drama without fear of being labeled queer. If there's one thing I've noticed about the male species that I've come across, it's that those who grew up in this country seem to have little to no appreciation for musicals. Was a1 of XXstatistics forfilipinas, contra4 of 4forInternational. I was surprised that there doesn't seem to be a common concept here. As one of the 4/4 guys asked me when I made my observation:How can you not like musicals? It's a total effort: singing, dancing, acting.

(Video) Glory Of Love - Peter Cetera (Lyrics)

On the other hand, what do I or they know, right?

Of these five boys who havestrictly speakingSeen musicals, two answeredTo hirebe your favorite musical Two obviously measure their lives by seasons of love, I guess. Not a bad reason to getTo hireand again.

I think I first saw the movie version when it was shown in the late 2000s. I became the proud owner of a DVD copy last year and have been singing it ever since, well, whenever I get the time.

should i tell you | mimi and roger

This is my favoriteTo hireSong, beyond the essenceseasons of love

(Video) PM Dawn - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss 1991

{Part of} Another day, life support|Shawn Earl y Paul Wilson
{where I borrowed the title of this post; That was really unforgettable as Mimi's.
part, but this version is what ripped my heart out}

I'm coming?| Steve, Angel, Mark and Collins and the rest of the life support group

{This song gives me chills and leaves me in a fit of sadness just thinking about how
they have to feel like people infected with HIV/AIDS.}

When I lost the race in 2010, I was very sorry and wished the local company that organized it would try again. I didn't want to wait until my trip to New York to find out. Thank God,9 plays TAT.

Forget regrets or life is yours - champagne dreams (1)

I was excited {*aces* Hi Jean, thanks!} when I approached herCarlos Rómulo Auditorium in RCBC Squarelast Friday night. I dreamed of having places like this that cater to small groups and play Broadway hits likeTo hire.And it was so close to my workplace too!

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When I walked into the theater I had no idea who would be who. I created an empty expectation list plus a letter reminder. As I write this, my heart is still pounding from the roller coaster of emotions I went through while watching.

I know the plot ofTo hireIt's been narrated and retold many times in circles, conferences and social gatherings, but I've always liked how this musical has always been able to reflect real life {compared to some musicals I love like huh,Lion KingmiThe Phantom of the Opera} and how every word, every song, every action is full of wisdom and suchno day like todayHumor.

look at it in many waysTo hireshakes me to the core. I admit that I was concerned about the topics covered: HIV, drugs, bohemia {which is not strictly a social issue, but if it doesn't give you money, you pay the rent, eh, hmm?}, sex and prostitution. I thought:What part of this musical de-antagonized things we should stay away from?So then I fallen in reason:Wow. I'm the biggest fan I know.

People make mistakes.We all do. And sometimes when we take risks, we fail. And yet, regardless of that, unless we're six feet underground, there's always another day (today) to make up for what we consider to be lost and failed decisions. It can be over-optimizing life, being at the mercy of HIV, or it can be that heroin needle, or snorting cocaine, or standing up for your art, whatever, that changes your life. but as a characterEngelproven, it doesn't matter if you have three or thirty-three years left to live, you can live your whole life in a day {or in a second, depending onOberst Slade}.It all comes down to doing the most important things of the day, enjoying the moment while you're alive. Measuring life by seasons of love isn't a bad metric either. I'm happy to side with them or Jonathan Larson.{rent author}.

Some notes on the Manila race{Not an expert though, just a personal opinion}:

  • I'm impressedMian Dimakali, who playedmaureen johnson. Before watching the show last Friday, she was afraid that any actress would be that bad by comparison.Idina Menzelwho is Maureen? But I was wrong. mian's performanceon the moonShe literally blew my mind when her character came to life with all the courage. It was also extremely commendable how he was able to changeon the moonfor himMaureenwho cried silently during Ángel's death.

Over the moon | Idina Menzel

(Video) Angie Stone - Wish I Didn't Miss You

  • Baptist WorkconAnjo Dummott Schunard it was an amazing performance, although he seemed to weaken vocally in places.Despite this, throughout the musical he made me believe that I had HIV. He attributes this to his time at HGP with actual HIV victims. I also loved your dance skills!
  • Mary Baptistconmimi marquezIt was alright, I was pleasantly surprised that he has a good singing voice, but some of his lines sometimes fall flat. In my opinion, she could improve as an actress, because sometimes she is focused on giving the notes that her face no longer registers emotions. After all, she plays an S&M dancer who is suffering from AIDS. I'm curious howCiara Sotoshe assumes this role, although {some races have her as Mimi}. Some who saw her perform said that she was "a surprisingly good dancer."
  • very honorable{Sheree's real husband} asroger davishe embodied the character's stocky, scruffy physique. I just don't get why he wore eyeliner all the time. Kudos to his onstage chemistry withScissors, although.
  • jenny villegasas Maureen's lover,joanahe seemed to be a professional musician. She was consistent in her grades and acting.
  • die bandthey did a great job lending the musical their musicality and artistic feeling to the musical.
  • Robbie Guevarahe is amazing as the director of the show. Of course, during the press conference, which was the only time I saw him, he broke down the details that he put into the musical, like Angel walking up a long flight of stairs dressed in white. It was a pleasure to glimpse the mood of an artistic director.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,OThis is how a musical is made. Long runs, intimate places and intervals. No personal show, okidoks? {Harhar, very bitchy?}

In general, I am {y to use the term}on the mooni saw this musical Some musicals are enough for me to see them once. As toTo hireJust thinking about it makes me want to see it again.

In case you haven't seen it live, I can only say one thing to quote the musical:There is only us, only this, forget the regrets, or life can be lost, there is no other way, there is no other possibility, there is no day but today.Look. Feel, hold each word, each note, each action. Seriously, take this from me:it will change you.

And in any case, the end resultseasons of lovealways a pleasure to listenLIVE. shakes a lot!

seasons of love | Hire

Rent: The Musicalshows theFebruary 12 to March 6, 2011.
ContactCowboyfor tickets {showing March 4} on 09175393536 or

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