Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (2023)

It's not the wand, they say. is the wizard

To touch. But even the smartest wizards know when it's time to upgrade.

We asked our friends at and ECD Lacrosse for a list of the best new men's and women's lacrosse sticks junior and high school players should consider when they need a replacement.

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Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (1)

Price: $249.99 at

The recently released Crux Pro Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick features a new minimalist design for the lightest Crux head ever. STX added EnduraForm to the best-selling Crux for less deflection and a stiffer feel. This lacrosse stick also features a 1" Comp 10 smooth rubber shaft.


— New, minimalist design for the lightest Crux head ever

— Includes EnduraForm™, a new proprietary formulation to improve toughness over a wider temperature range

— DropRail™ technology minimizes sidewall design for better ball retention and increased range of motion

— Speed ​​​​​​​​​​Scoop™ improves ball play on the ground with integrated top-string protection


— STX's exclusive offset technology naturally propels the ball to the sweet spot


Used by some of the best players in the sport, this racket is one of the lightest rackets on the market. Based on the STX Crux line, this racket will be a hit in 2021.–Vanessa Budd,


Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (2)

Price: $219.99 at

The Maverik Ascent Complete Women's Racket has a 22-degree release angle that allows for powerful shots, accurate passing, and excellent shot control. Highest quality technology to date. With improved stiffness and a Ground Control blade, the Ascent stands firm in unstable situations.


- Release angle of 22 degrees

— Protected sidewall protects the strings from wear

- 7/8 inch shank with a newly shaped shank end

Sammy Jo Tracy, North Carolina 2017

"For me the promotion is the perfect club because I like to be creative and think outside the box. The Rise has the support and control that gives me the opportunity to try new tricks, not just in the backyard but also in big games!A final important point is the stiffness and shape of the blade, making it an all-round pull racket for girls who want to win the shot and just run around the court and score.


This racket is ideal for any midfielder or all-rounder. It is one of our best-selling rackets to date and features 22-degree technology for the best control.–Vanessa Budd,


Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (3)

Price: $249.99 at

Designed and engineered by Kylie Ohlmiller, the all-time NCAA leader in points (498) and assists (246), the Brine Dynasty Warp Pro helped Lacrosse Head make history at Stony Brook University. The bag offers maximum power and control over the ball, and players like that there is a narrow channel specifically designed to access the sweet spot.


— Features a high sweet spot pattern and offers a tighter trigger string for maximum performance

— The Minimus Carbon Lacrosse shaft that this clubhead combines with is the lightest shaft with the best strength-to-weight ratio in the Brine line. The flexible mesh literally wraps around the ball for unparalleled control and feel.

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— The shaft responds to ball movement and flexes during shooting or passing for better control, feel and faster launch

Kylie Ohlmiller, Stony Brook 2018

“Working with Brine to develop Warp KO was special because it allowed me to create a bag that allowed me to play comfortably and creatively as an attacker. We designed the bag with maximum support in the sweet spot, which is exactly where I want the ball every time I'm preparing, dodging and looking for the feed, giving me triple threat freedom."


If you're looking for a super stable racquet with full power and control, this is a great option. The ball stays in that sweet spot without adjustments and comes off the racket with a lot of power every time.–Vanessa Budd,

It's not the wand, they say. is the magician Touch. But even the smartest wizards know when it's time to upgrade.

marching sweep

Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (4)

Price: $249.99 at

The new Women's Gait Whip Complete Stick with Flex Mesh is a women's lacrosse stick that finally not only gives you the largest front pocket, but isn't too wide or thin, resulting in the largest front pocket! A rogue attacker's dream bat! The curved offset lands the ball to the front of the pocket faster than any other head on the market for incredible feel and maximum power.


— Double Sidewall technology creates a narrow channel at the widest part of the clubhead for optimal control of the sweet spot.

— The string-hole concept provides a large front pocket without snagging when unfastened

— The flexible mesh literally wraps around the ball for unparalleled control and feel.

Dana Dobbie, team Canada

"When your club suits your style of play, you know you're ready for whatever comes your way. The whip is a goalkeeper's nightmare. Full control and control what you want/need to dodge and fake with the extra speed behind you shot you've been waiting for."


If you are a striker and like to have the ball on your stick, but you also have one of the best shots on your team, this stick is for you. The largest legal ladies bag in the game creates power and control like no other.–Vanessa Budd,

Nike Lunar Flight

Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (5)

Price: $249.99 at

The Nike Lunar Fly Women's Lacrosse Complete Stick is one of the best mesh complete sticks in the game. It is designed with a high mesh pocket and the true geometry of the head calls for a high pocket for extra support and precise fit and receive.

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— Beginners will appreciate the high sweet spot and soft mesh

— Elite rackets will love the lightweight feel of this composite shaft

— This clubhead has channel tabs that help guide the ball to the sweet spot

— 10-degree technology provides faster release and better ball feel

Sam Apuzzo, Boston University

“The Lunar really is a shooting stick. Being a striker myself, I love how much grip he has when handling the ball and how he creates maximum whip on my shot.


This racket is great for those new to the game, but elite rackets will love it too. With a high sweet spot and an easy feel, this is the racket for you if you are a player who likes to shoot at any level.–Vanessa Budd,


Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (6)

Price: $224.99 at

The Women's Full Mesh ECD Lacrosse Infinity Full Bat is designed for players who want to worry less about their wallet and focus more on dominance. At a time when creativity and aggressive play drive the game, this all-round racket gives players the power, control and finesse they need to change the game.


- Complete racquet with Infinity head, Infinity net bag and Infinity carbon fiber shaft

— Designed with seven different diamond shapes, Infinity Mesh uses larger diamonds in the center of the pocket to create a natural sweet spot that gives you complete control and absolute confidence

— Flex 5 in the incredibly light, high-performance carbon fiber lacrosse shaft provides a consistent kick point for powerful shots

— The Infinity head has a lightweight, aggressive design, full offset and a perfect launch angle, giving you control and power like you've never felt before.

Carolyn Jamieson, UMBC 2018

"I love infinity! I love how light it is, how it's set up right out of the box and how consistent it is throughout. As a midfielder I find this club very versatile and suitable for any position. It has a great range of motion which allows me to could improve my pocket variance, get on the fast track and fire faster shots from even further away.It features a large sweet spot, which allows it to move easily at different speeds for feints, fast shots and passes.Another great benefit of this stick is that you don't have to worry about the weather due to the weather resistant fibers used Overall I would recommend this racket to any player of any age as the quality, technology and price are second to none in my opinion.

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This is one of the best full mesh women's clubs out there. It provides the perfect sweet spot for players who like to keep the ball close to their racket, but require extremely low maintenance. If you're looking for a bag that gives you confidence without requiring a lot of maintenance, look no further.–Vanessa Budd,


Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021 (7)

Price: $219.99 at

Developed by the legendary Gait family, the Gait Air Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick features a Rail Elite bag, the best-selling bag set in women's lacrosse.


— Gait Air's complete women's lacrosse stick is SUPER LIGHT and offers maximum control

— Slim silhouette enhances pocket channel performance and control. The best front pocket is created by the maximum transition of the side wall.

- The bag's interlocking wire, mesh, and leather provide a deep pocket, but not the "illegally deep" pocket used by some of the game's top players.

— The medium size Gait Carbon handle is perfect for all weather conditions

Sydney Pirreca, Team Australia

“As a player who has played many different rackets, Gait Air Club is unlike any other club. It is an excellent racket for every player and every position. It has given me excellent ball control and is easy to put in my pocket!

Dana Dobbie loves the walking whip and calls it "the goalie's nightmare".

Better on a budget

STX Crux 400

Price:$114.99 at

The STX Crux 400 Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick is designed for players just starting out in lacrosse. It can be used by young players and high school students. The Crux 400 girls' lacrosse head is designed for forwards and midfielders and features a unique runway pouch. Simply put, the STX Crux 400 Complete Stick is an improved complete entry-level lacrosse stick made with high-quality materials that will improve the game of younger players..

(Video) Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women's Complete Right Hand Golf Club Package Set

The best for beginners

Maverik Rash ST

Price: 49,99 $

The Maverik Erupt ST Complete Stick is designed for beginners who want great racket skills. The Erupt ST Complete has a thinner aluminum shaft for easier passing, firing and holding. This racket has all the rules and features of the U10 and an optimal face angle for accurate passes and shots. The mesh pocket is threaded to improve grip and ball handling.

This article appears in the March issue of US Lacrosse Magazine and is available exclusively to US Lacrosse members.ConnectOrefreshToday! Thank you for your support.


Pro Picks: The Top Women's Clubs of 2021? ›

At PXG, we don't make clubs for women—we make clubs for golfers. While many club manufacturers prefer to categorize players by age or gender, we know each golfer is unique and should be fitted to clubs based on their individual skillset, specs, and performance goals.

Does Pxg make women's clubs? ›

At PXG, we don't make clubs for women—we make clubs for golfers. While many club manufacturers prefer to categorize players by age or gender, we know each golfer is unique and should be fitted to clubs based on their individual skillset, specs, and performance goals.

What height are women's golf clubs designed for? ›

What height are women's golf clubs designed for? Women's clubs are not only lighter than men's clubs but also shorter as well. In general, they are designed for golfers between 5'5” and 5'9” tall.

What is strata golf? ›

Strata is a beginner golf set that focuses on getting you distance, but it also focuses on performance and forgiveness. The driver, woods, and hybrid in the Strata set are designed so that you get under the ball and your shot goes high, giving you more distance.

What is a hybrid golf club? ›

The hybrid is the golf club that bridges the loft gap between your irons and your fairway woods. It originated as a forgiving alternative to longer irons which are notoriously harder to hit than their shorter counterparts. The clubhead shape of the hybrid will usually be at a crossroads between an iron and a wood.

Do LPGA players use women's clubs? ›

No. In the world of professional golf, there are not "men's clubs" and "women's clubs," there are only clubs that are custom fit. That kind of fitting takes many variables into consideration, including height, hand size and swing speed.

Are there fake Pxg clubs? ›

Counterfeit and unofficial PXG products are being found on websites, internet auction sites, and unauthorized retail shops. PXG aggressively pursues those who engage in illegal creation and/or distribution of counterfeit and unauthorized PXG products.

How far should a female golfer hit a 7 iron? ›

7-iron: 160 yards. 8-iron: 155 yards. 9-iron: 140 yards. PW: 120 yards.

What loft driver should a woman use? ›

A woman should typically use a 12 degree driver; however, this needs to be fine tuned to the swing speed and swing path of the woman golfer. When a golfer has higher swing speeds they typically need a golf driver with a slightly lower loft. Something in the 10.5 range.

How far is the average female golf swing? ›

The average driving distance for a female golfer is just under 200 yards. Male and female distances vary with the driver because of the driver's swing speed and loft. The average men's driver is about 10.5 degrees of loft, and it is closer to 12 degrees for women.

What does CDH mean in golf? ›

The Scottish Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) has now been live and operational since 2012, with the vast majority of Clubs, Areas and Counties now uploaded.

What is the point of strata? ›

If you buy into strata, you not only own your property, but you also share the ownership of common property such as gardens, fencing, pools and elevators. As an owner, you automatically become a member of the owner's corporation, which has responsibility for making key decisions how your strata run.

What is a strata vs condo? ›

Strata housing is often referred to as condos or condominiums. However, strata housing not only includes apartment-style condominiums but can also include: duplexes, townhouses, fractional vacation properties, even single family homes in bare land strata corporations (“strata subdivisions”).

What is easier to hit a fairway wood or hybrid? ›

Even though hybrids have a smaller head size than fairway woods, they're usually considered easier to hit than a fairway wood due to their shorter shafts.

Can a 3 hybrid replace a 3 wood? ›

A low-lofted hybrid (14° to 17°) is ideally suited to replace your 3-wood or your 5-wood. This club is easier to hit than a long iron off the fairway.

What body type is a female golfer? ›

A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. Mesomorphs are generally accepted the best body type for golf.

What clubs do pro female golfers use? ›

The most common golf club set up used by the top 50 LPGA players is made up first of a driver, 3-wood and a 3 and 4-hybrid. The most popular iron set then starts with a 5-iron to pitching wedge. 3 specialist wedges, a 50° gap wedge, 54° sand wedge and 58° lob wedge are then added to a putter to complete the set.

How long does it take to get a club from Pxg? ›

Shipping MethodShipping Time*Rate
Ground3-5 business days$30
2-Day2 business days$75
Get It Fast (Built the next business day and shipped overnight)1 business day$195

How far should a 60 year old woman hit a driver? ›

Average Driver Distance By Age
Age RangeAverage Driver Distance
30-40231 yards
40-50220 yards
50-60211 yards
60+196 yards
2 more rows

How far should a 70 year old woman hit a golf ball? ›

Chart for 70-79 Year Olds
ClubMen (Distance in Yards)Women (Distance in Yards)
3 Wood150125
5 Wood145120
3 Hybrid140115
6 more rows
Feb 21, 2023

How far should a woman hit a 3 hybrid? ›

Average hybrid distance for women

You can expect to achieve approximately 105 yards on a well-struck 3-hybrid, between 95 and 100 yards with the 4-hybrid. 📋 Keep in mind: Generally, you will get between 5 and 8 yards more distance from a hybrid than a similarly numbered iron.

What is the best length driver for a woman? ›

Shaft Length

Depending on how tall you are, the standard ladies driver is about 44″. Standard for men is 45″ with the max USGA length at 48″. Type of shaft (steel, graphite and flex) – almost all women's clubs are made with graphite shafts which is a good thing as it helps increase swing speed.

What is the swing speed of a female golfer? ›

On the LPGA Tour the average driver swing speed is approximately 94 mph. For the average female golfer there is less research available, but from experience it is typically around 65-70 mph.

What is the swing speed of a ladies driver? ›

The average women golfer has a swing speed of around 75 mph. An LPGA Professional has a swing speed closer to 95 mph. The speed with which you swing the club can impact which golf driver is the best for your game.

What is the longest drive by a woman? ›

Dutch golfer Anne van Dam recorded a jaw-breaking distance of 290.82 yards in 2021. This brilliant long drive set a new record on the LPGA tour. She joined the tour in 2019 and instantly became a sensation with her excellent long driving skills.

What does OB mean in golf? ›

OB stands for "out of bounds" and play is prohibited in that area, and OB is marked with white stakes (OB zone inside the course should be marked with white stakes with blue top to distinguish them from stakes that mark OB lines.)

What does PIP mean in golf? ›

What is PGA Tour PIP (Player Impact Program)? The PGA Tour's Player Impact Program debuted in 2021 to reward players for boosting engagement and publicity of the PGA Tour. In 2021, $40 million went to 10 players, while in 2022, $100 million was spread out over 20 players.

What does KP mean in golf? ›

Golfers will shoot tee shots towards the green and measured throughout the day for their distance from the flagstick. At the end of the day, the golfer with the best tee shot- the one whose ball was closest to the pin- wins the prize. And, fun fact, closest to the pin is frequently abbreviated as “KP”.

Why is strata so expensive? ›

High strata fees can reflect a property with high quality amenities or they could reflect the higher maintenance needs of an older strata property. They can also be a sign of poor strata management, where major works haven't been properly anticipated or planned for.

What are the disadvantages of strata? ›

Disadvantages of Strata Property

High Strata Fees, more common in developments with many amenities or older buildings that require more maintenance and repairs. Disagreements with other Owners, which may require dispute resolution. More responsibilities, unless you hire a Strata Manager.

What are the three types of strata? ›

Strata properties fall into one of three main categories: residential, commercial or mixed use. Each has its own rules and considerations.

What is strata called in the USA? ›

Condominium” is also a legal term that is used in most of the Canadian provinces and in the U.S. In B.C., as well as in Australia and New Zealand, the legal term is “strata title”.

Why is it called strata? ›

The word "strata" refers to apartments being on different levels. Strata title was first introduced in 1961 in the state of New South Wales, Australia, to better cope with the legal ownership of apartment blocks.

What is a freehold strata? ›

Freehold land means the strata have a full and unencumbered title to the land and the right to occupy it indefinitely. Leasehold properties share many of the same attributes as freehold, with one primary difference: the strata owns the property but leases the land for a predetermined amount of time.

Do I need a 5 wood if I have a 3 hybrid? ›

A 5-wood can go further than a 3-hybrid and depends on the loft, length, and type of club. For example, if both clubs are the same loft, the 5-wood will still probably go further as there is more mass behind the ball. You'll notice this same effect when comparing hybrid distances to iron distances.

Should you hit down with a fairway wood? ›

Although you are playing the ball forward in your stance and attempting to make a flatter swing, you still need to hit slightly downward on the ball.

Which hybrid is easiest to hit? ›

Most Forgiving Hybrids 2023
  • Yonex. Ezone Elite 4 Hybrid. View.
  • Cleveland. Launcher XL Halo Hybrid. Check Price.
  • Cobra. LTDx Hybrid. Check Price.
  • TaylorMade. Stealth Rescue. Check Price.
  • Callaway. Apex Hybrid. Check Price.
  • Ping. G425 Hybrid. View.
  • Titleist. TSi2 Hybrid. View.
  • Wilson Staff. D9 Hybrid. Check Price.
Apr 25, 2023

How many fairway woods should I carry? ›

Most golfers only need one fairway wood. Measure your carry distances with each of your metals. If their carry distance is less than ten yards apart, you only need the higher lofted one. Drop the other fairway wood and pick up another scoring wedge.

Why do I struggle to hit a hybrid? ›

A lot of bad shots with the hybrids come from poor setup positions like ball position and shoulder position. The reason the shoulder position is important is that you want to hit down with a hybrid, not up, and if you tilt your shoulders up too much (to try to sweep it off the ground), more than likely you will top it.

How far should a woman hit a 7 hybrid? ›

When it comes to men, the average golfer hits a 7 hybrid around 150 yards on average. Women tend to hit it slightly shorter at an average of 130 yards. The distance differences between skills aren't as large with a 7 hybrid as with a driver for example, but they're still significant.

Do you hit hybrids off the tee? ›

Players teeing off with a hybrid is a great way to improve your shot-to-shot management on the course. Hybrids have many of the same benefits you see in a fairway wood off the tee: higher loft, less side spin, shorter length, and more control.

Can ladies use men's golf clubs? ›

Can women use men's golf clubs? Women golfers can use men's golf clubs if they're tall enough and have enough swing speed. If a woman is 5'9” or taller and swings at the correct swing speed based on men's shafts, it can work. Otherwise, it's not suggested as the clubs won't fit their swing and impact ball striking.

What is the difference between men's golf clubs and ladies? ›

Generally, club shafts designed for men have stiffer and more rigid club shafts designed to flex at higher club head speeds. Whereas club shafts designed for women tend to be more flexible or 'softer' in order to promote a better launch off the club face and maximise club head speed with a lower swing speed.

Why are women's golf clubs more expensive? ›

Women's golf clubs are more expensive than men's due to graphite shafts coming as a standard. It depends on your budget, a good value set at the lower end are the Callaway Strata, you get fewer clubs, but a better quality of club. At the higher end, we have Cobra's offerings and Callaway's Reva 11 and eight piece sets.

Are Pxg clubs for men? ›

With PXG, every club is engineered for optimum performance and then tailored for an individual golfer – not to their age or gender, but to their ability and unique performance goals.

Can 5 8 woman use mens golf clubs? ›

Choosing the right length of club.

Any woman over 5'6″ or 5'7″ should always be measured, as they may need men's length. The number of inches your knuckle is from the ground determines the length of clubs. If your knuckle is 30 or more inches from the ground, you will need men's clubs.

What is the swing speed of a women's golfer? ›

On the LPGA Tour the average driver swing speed is approximately 94 mph. For the average female golfer there is less research available, but from experience it is typically around 65-70 mph.

What is ladies flex? ›

What does ladies flex mean? Ladies golf club flex refers to the most flexible golf shaft for adults, built for players with slow swing speed. These shafts are generally graphite and offer exceptional flex leading into impact to boost energy transfer.

How far should a woman hit a 7 iron? ›

7-iron: 160 yards. 8-iron: 155 yards. 9-iron: 140 yards. PW: 120 yards.

How can you tell a woman's golf club? ›

The shaft of a women's golf club is typically quite different than that of a men's golf club. The ladies' shafts are almost always graphite, whereas men's golf clubs can feature both graphite or steel golf shafts. The shaft in a women's club is supposed to help increase distance and lower overall spin.

What length should ladies golf clubs be? ›

Club Length. Women's golf clubs are usually between 1.5 inches and two inches shorter than a comparable man's club. However, if a woman is taller than 5-foot-9, consider foregoing women's clubs because they can be too short. Shafts.

What is the average women's pro golf salary? ›

Ladies Professional Golf Association (Lpga) pays an average salary of $155,006 and salaries range from a low of $134,289 to a high of $178,634. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

Do ladies golf balls make a difference? ›

Is a there a difference between men's and ladies' golf balls? Yes. When the ball is struck by a club travelling at a slower speed you get a lower flight with little spin. Women-specific balls are made with soft cores that compress more under low pressure, increasing ball speed, lift, carry and therefore distance.

Who is the biggest sponsor of women's golf? ›

The CME Group has been the title sponsor of the LPGA's season-ending event since 2011. The most recent edition took place last week where the biggest first place cheque in the history of women's golf – a whopping £2million – was on the line. The $7million total purse is the largest on the LPGA outside of the majors.

What does G mean on golf club? ›

A gap wedge has a loft of 50 – 52º. Golfers tend to hit a gap wedge 75 – 100 yards. This club is also known as a 'G wedge”, so if you are curious a G wedge also has a loft of 50 – 52º.

Do any pros play with Pxg? ›

PXG Tour Players

Currently there are 8 PGA Tour players among the top players in the world playing PXG clubs or other PXG equipment. This list includes players like Patrick Reed, Joel Dahmen, and Luke List.

What clubs do Tiger Woods use? ›

What Brand Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use? Tiger Woods currently uses a set of clubs from the brand TaylorMade, including the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, TaylorMade M3 5-wood, TaylorMade M5 3-wood, TaylorMade P7MB irons, TaylorMade MG3 and MG2 TW Grind wedges, and Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.


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