The Biggest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM | cover magazine (2023)

The Biggest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM | cover magazine (1)

October 2022, 80-minute documentary by Candace Owens,The Biggest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,a Daily Wire production, is a dying watch. Beginning in the spring of 2020, destructive and deadly civil unrest erupted across the United States. These riots called themselves "Racial Reckoning".

If you were a liberal living in a cozy suburb away from arson, looting andpublic torture, you could watch and celebrate the seeming demise of the country and value system that you irrationally and hypocritically benefit from and hate. If you, like me and millions of others, lived in a low-income, minority city already burdened with high homicide rates, the riots of 2020 would feel like a terrifying and demoralizing death spiral. We never knew when our homes would burn down, when our grocery stores would be looted and permanently closed, when our fragile immigrant-led family savings would be completely destroyed, when our banks would shrug and give up. and leave town when our cars burned, when our already low real estate values ​​plummeted, when our black and Hispanic cops didshot, and when would we be the spectators whose accidental death would increase thatbody count🇧🇷 In addition to those killed in the riots, 2,457 more African Americans were killed in 2020 than in 2019."qualificationthe largest increase in homicides in a single year since the agency began prosecuting crimes. Anti-police attitudes and policies, and rising lawlessness are responsible for these deaths and thousands more.Research has revealed.

Money is less of an issue for wealthy leftists than it is for those of us living on the brink. The poor know that poverty can be a death sentence. As we watched looters empty stores, especially stores in neighborhoods like ours, mostly minority and economically weak urban enclaves, we knew: everything is going to cost a lot more soon. Someone has to pay for emptying CVS, Walgreens and Walmarts. The looters don't pay, so let's go. The over-the-counter drugs we depend on for chronic diseases, drugs that are not covered by insurance, will take revenue from our grocery budgets. Insurance premiums will skyrocket, as will inflation. The little money we have will be worth less.

No, if you were a comfortable leftist living in a safe suburb, you wouldn't have to face the consequences of supporting the BLM. I just had a quick look at the Facebook pages of friends who posted their full support for BLM during the 2020 riots. One is now posting updates on how his Thoroughbreds are doing in various show competitions. One of them, who mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth, is now visiting Buckingham Palace. Una reposted her online word game scores. Another posts stunning photos of his sprawling gardens. His passion for BLM was as fleeting as it was superficial.

Apparently, wealthy leftists have moved on to the next fad. We in the destroyed neighborhoods will never move on. Unrest scars a city for generations. Capital, jobs and security are leaving and going to greener pastures. Newark is still recovering from the riots of the 1960s. The total estimated cost of the George Floyd riots is $2 billion. This number is very low for several reasons. The Foundation for Economic EducationTo explain🇧🇷 "Seventy-five percent of American businesses have little insurance, and about forty percent of small businesses have no insurance at all. Its untold millions of dollars in losses don't figure in the $2 billion figure...the riots cast a lasting shadow over a city that has plagued its economy for decades. Affected areas face higher insurance rates, lower property values, higher prices, lower tax revenues, and reduced economic opportunity." After all, damage to human bodies and souls is not included in the two billion dollars. An old man tried to defend a property.Demonstrators broke his jaw🇧🇷 His pain and suffering and the resulting feeling of isolation and insecurity of thousands of people inevitably leads to an economic burden that is difficult to assess but no less real.

And all for free. until the last serve,Every last stone is thrown at the head of a beaten and bleeding white man lying helpless in the street, every synagogue defaced, every not only ignorant but insane abolition of a statue of a martyr for the purpose of abolition likeHans-Christian HegÖAbraham Lincoln, it was for absolutely nothing. theBirch Macdonald,Roland G. Freidora,Juan McWhorterand others have trouble communicating, America is not racist, and there is no statistical support for the claim that there is an epidemic of white police officers shooting unarmed black men for no reason. Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested four days after George Floyd's death. He was quickly charged, convicted and imprisoned. In the mainstream media and on social media, Chauvin has been widely condemned, both on the left and the right. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, popular with law enforcement and famed as a hard-line crime icon, categorically and repeatedly condemned Chauvin on his WABC radio show.

OwensBiggest lie ever soldincreases the agony with simple truths. I want all Americans to see this documentary, even though it can hurt to watch.

The film begins with a quote from Malcolm X. “The media is the most powerful entity in the world. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.” I disagree with Owens on this point. The media includes Candace Owens, and the media includes this criticism. Media is very diverse and consumers can choose which media to support.

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Then we see a video of Floyd buying cigarettes with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. Store employees are clearly minorities. Cup Foods employee Mike Abumayyaleh explains that they only call the police if the person using a counterfeit bill refuses to pay in a different currency. Apparently, when confronted with paying a real bill, George Floyd refused. By refusing to use real money even when confronted with it, Floyd made one of the many choices that preceded his death. Officer Thomas Lane's body camera shows Floyd in a car with his drug dealer without cooperating with police. A caption reports that he resisted being put in a police car for eight minutes. Derek Chauvin was appointed as a replacement. If Floyd had not resisted arrest, Derek Chauvin would never have been there.

The film cuts Candace OwensVideos from June 3rd🇧🇷 Owens, a black woman, fought global hysteria by turning George Floyd into a messianic figure. "I do not support George Floyd and the media's portrayal of him as the martyr of black America." He quoted Shelby Steele and paraphrased him as saying that black people are unique because they "serve the lowest denominator of our society." Jews, whites and Latinos, he said, would not portray a criminal as a cultural hero. Owens made it clear that he was not defending Derek Chauvin and that he expected Chauvin to receive due justice. He also said George Floyd's family deserved justice for "the way he died." "But I'm not going to get into the narrative that this is the best the black community has to offer." "It became fashionable for us to make heroes out of criminals." "You can only be black if you say that person was amazing. I will not do it. George Floyd wasn't amazing." "Everyone agrees the cop was wrong and the cop was arrested. Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Larry Elder are all "Macos" in that sense because they are educated achievers.

Any unbiased person watching Owens' June 3 video will immediately recognize two things. The first thing that strikes an unbiased person is that Candace Owens is open, deep, and aware. She struggles to be as fair as possible in a very difficult situation. She never says Floyd deserved to die the way he did; she says something else. She never defends Chauvin; She says he deserves "justice". No matter how hard Owens works to assert a simple truth — he doesn't believe black people benefit from making criminals their heroes — viewers know that Candace thanked Owens for what she had the courage and decency to do say, slandered, threatened and condemned. . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

Dave Chappelle displayed his characteristic cruelty, intimidation, cowardice, misogyny and, most importantly, outright dishonesty. "Candace Owens tried to convince white America, 'Don't worry about it. He's a criminal anyway.'” Chappelle is lying. Candace Owens said no such thing, and she was clearly not referring to "white America." next to weed and tobacco, eyes bulging from her bald head, Chapelle stammered that Candace Owens was a "lazy bitch" and mentioned that she kicked Owens in his "stinky cunt".

Owens said such attacks made everything "personal" to her. "I will shout the truth" louder than others "who can shout lies". Candace Owens has more guts and integrity in her pinky than Dave Chappelle has in his six-foot frame.

Owens visits George Floyd's roommates Alvin Manago and Theresa Scott. Their previously shared home looks lovely; Your roommates, a man and a woman, seem like nice people. Both are friendly and respectful in their comments about Floyd. They admit Floyd was addicted but say it kept him away from home. They insist the man they knew was a cherished friend.

Manago says people would walk past metal boxes at memorials and ask for money. "I don't know who you are or where this is going." Clips show the Floyd family acknowledging and crying for trips to the White House. The documentary reports that none of the men went to Floyd's house to get his belongings. His car was still in the driveway. Neither Manago nor Scott had the necessary papers to get into the car. Owens himself arranged the move and gave Manago and Scott money to cover rent they lost after Floyd's death.

In the film, Scott emphasizes how surprised she was that no family members went to Floyd's house, the house where his belongings were still kept, for the last few years of his life. Manago says he would love to meet Floyd's daughter as that daughter is "an extension of him." Manago and Scott discuss people coming forward claiming to be Floyd's children but proven wrong through DNA checks. Apparently, there were rumors that some had tried to capitalize on global sympathy for Floyd by claiming false ties. The documentation does not clarify whether these rumors are true.

Owens reveals George Floyd's rich historycrime story🇧🇷 In 2007, Floyd and his accomplices broke into the home of Aracely Henríquez, hit her with a gun and ransacked her home. Henriquez's seven-year-old son identified Floyd. "Like this kid was absolutely traumatized," says Owens. "Just a few years later, kids are wearing his shirt and calling him a hero and a savior. That's wrong... Two things can be true at the same time. George Floyd didn't deserve to die. And that person was no saint,” she says.

(Video) Never-before-seen video of George Floyd played in Derek Chauvin trial l GMA

In a 2019 arrest video, "I want my mom, man," Floyd groans. Who exactly was George Floyd's "mother"? On the witness stand Courtney Ross, Floyd's girlfriend,with whom he sometimes used opioidsShe testifies that Floyd called her "Mom" and actually gave her phone number as "Mom" on his cell phone. "Call Mom was a good victim story," notes Owens.

Owens is on the phone with a caller we can't hear. This, we learn, is Derek Chauvin's mother. For understandable reasons, he's afraid to talk to Owens. With no access to Chauvin or his mother, Owens turns to people who knew him. Sergeant Joey Sandberg says, "Derek is quiet, kind of quirky, very reliable. Derek is the kind of person you want to be on your calls. That's very reasonable.” Sandberg says Chauvin is not allowed to read any material, television or computers, and he is alone in his cell 23 hours a day. Since the documentary was filmed, Chauvin has been transferred to another prison.

Lieutenant Kim Voss insists Chauvin has never revealed racial tendencies. In fact, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, a Muslim and black man, said, "I wouldn't call [Floyd's death a hate crime] because hate crimes are crimes where there is an explicit motive and bias." We have no evidence that Derek Chauvin had George Floyd's career in mind when he did what he did."

In the "widespread video captured by a bystander," the camera angle "suggests" that Chauvin was "kneeling on George Floyd's neck the entire time." But police officer Alexander Kueng's camera showed Chauvin's knee on Floyd's shoulder blade.How much timeChauvin's knee on Floyd's shoulder has been the subject of debate. In another video, Floyd also says "I can't breathe" before being placed on the floor at his request.

The doctor. Ron Martinelli is a forensic criminologist and board-certified medical investigator. Martinelli tells Owens that there was evidence Floyd had used a deadly cocktail of fentanyl and methamphetamine. In video of the trial, Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker testified that if he had been found dead without interaction with police, the level of fentanyl found in Floyd's system would have been deemed sufficient to kill him. 🇧🇷 "I would attest his death to fentanyl poisoning."

Martinelli says Floyd's heart suffered from cardiomegaly, which is an enlarged heart, a sign of health problems. "This is significant." "There's no evidence," he says, to show Floyd wasn't getting enough oxygen. The suggestion is thisFloyd didn't suffocate🇧🇷 This conclusion iscontroversial and discussed🇧🇷 On October 17th, for example, theWashington Postaccused Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, of lying when he said Floyd died of a drug overdose. The reason the battle between suffocation and drug overdose is so hot is clear. If Floyd died of a drug overdose, he was responsible for his own death, and the larger narrative becomes an anti-drug narrative. If Derek Chauvin choked Floyd, Chauvin is responsible for his death, and the larger narrative is about black innocence, white racism, and police brutality.

Owens interviews some of the people whose lives have been disrupted by the Floyd protesters. Liz Collin is a former news anchor. She is married to former Minneapolis Police Chief Bob Kroll. "Within minutes" of Floyd's death, Collin reports, tweets surfaced saying Bob Kroll and Liz Collin would be dead by the end of the year. The mob also threatened to kill their seven-year-old son. Protesters made piñatas of Collin and Kroll dressed as Klansmen. YRepresentative John Thompson, obscene spit, struck these effigies in the entryway of Collin and Kroll's home. Collin lost his job and couldn't find another job.

Kitson is a Los Angeles boutique where celebrities sometimes shop. Fraser Ross is the owner. He called Kitson "a general store for the rich". Looters stole over $400,000 worth of goods. Chrissy Teigen announced she would be donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in bail to the protesters. "Everyone lives in gated communities and their belongings don't get destroyed," Ross notes.

Ross posted a photo of the loot and said, "Thanks Chrissy." She replied, "I won't be buying that much from your store." Influencers Jen Atkin and Dana Omari inevitably accused Ross of being racist. Omari sent Ross a lengthy private message detailing how to drag himself out in public to avoid further trouble. During a phone call, Omari extorted a $10,000 donation from Black Lives Matter. Without that donation, he said, he would ruin his Internet posting business.

(Video) Here's The Truth About Candace Owens

Not only the lives of individuals but also the lives of communities have been shattered by the Floyd riots. These were mainly low-income non-white communities. Pastor Charles Karuku grew up in Kenya. He is President of the Unity Movement Institute. Speaking of the Floyd riots, Pastor Karuku says, "I'm used to it in third world countries, but not in the US or Minnesota... This isn't 'Minnesota Nice.'" Karuku and Owens walk past a sign that reads : "You are now entering the Free State of George Floyd."

Karuku explains, "This is an autonomous zone that operates outside the laws of the United States... They do as they please... We saw a pregnant woman being shot right in front of us."

The shops are closed. Insurance would never cover all damages. Owens and Karuku walk past an outdoor altar dedicated to George Floyd. There's a drawing hanging on the street that represents your body. Flowers and works of art surround you. A cardboard sign reads: "Sacred Space".

"We have better people to follow," says the pastor. "Like Jesus Christ, who embodied what we would like to emulate."

“The BLM raised ninety million dollars on the back of George Floyd. Where is the money? asks Owens.

"I dont know. It's not here... Everything seems worse than it was... Some of these organizations only make money by spreading hate. You don't help the community. They help themselves,” says Karuku.

George Floyd's former housemates say they haven't seen a penny of the BLM money, despite being responsible for expenses Floyd used to bear.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and best-selling author Vivek Ramaswamy says his business environment during the Floyd riots insisted on "an oath of allegiance to this man in some kind of new modern-day Messianic figure." The religious quality was strange. Bend your knees... I didn't recite the same ritual incantation that every other CEO in the country has sworn allegiance to.

A BLM frontman bought a mansion for $3 million and then sold it to BLM for $6 million within days, making a personal profit of $3 million. "This is a self-contract transaction."

(Video) New Security Video Shows Events Leading Up To George Floyd's Arrest | NBC News NOW

BLM founder Patrisse Cullors hired her mother and brother to work on the property. The brother is a graffiti artist. He was hired to handle security. His salary is $840,000 for one year. The father of Cullors' baby received $969,000. Cullors also forwarded money to his wife Jenaya Khan, who appears to have had surgery to look like a man. Nevertheless, a photo of Khan can be captioned like thisModa,"Louis Vuitton waistcoat and trousers. Necklace with Mejuri pendant. Hair, Marcia Hamilton; Makeup, Tasha Reiko Brown. Fashion Editor: Yashua Simmons. Produced by: GE Projectos. Photographed by Melodie McDaniel.”a little different than"Rise, prisoners of hunger. Arise, wretched of the earth."

BLM has invested over $2 million in trans groups, including groups for trans sex workers. Owens is trying to investigate Living through Giving, an organization that received $2.3 million from BLM. The photos show that Cullors has known the recipient, AJ Vreeland, since at least 2019. Living through Giving intends to give out free lunches. Owens could not find such a distribution.

$32 million in anti-Western, anti-American, and Marxist BLM assets went public.

Owens va a "Celebrity EnclaveLaurel Canyon. In this segment, little Candace Owens is obviously pregnant. She is immaculately dressed, as always. He just approaches the door of Cullor's mansion, a mansion bought with the blood of innocentsDavid Dorn.

Interspersed with Owens' harmless approach to Cullor's mansion is a video of Cullors herself complaining online about Candace Owens threatening her. It would be funny if it weren't so gross. Owens is a petite woman; she is pregnant with a boy; she speaks in soft, polite tones. He just wants to talk to someone. Cullors calls Owen's visit a real terrorist attack. "She asked me to leave," Cullors lies into her video camera. "It is unacceptable and dangerous to leave home." Think of houses burned down by Cullors' supporters. “What happened this morning is not a safety. It's not what I deserve. None of us deserve that. They're trying to destroy me.” No, Culor. Owens was just trying to tell the truth.

Needless to say, as Owens reports, the Cullors security team is a white male and a German shepherd.

"What could be more iconic for BLM than that?" asks Owens. "Playing the victim in front of the audience hoping that you'll get sympathy and that sympathy will be turned into dollars." "The true story" of George Floyd's death, Owens insists, "is a story of addiction. It could have brought people together from all over the world. This was a man who did drugs...this is the story of a man who overdosed." Instead, BLM uses "black emotion and black pain to extort dollars from white America."

In 2020, Minneapolis saw a 58% increase in homicides. In 2021, the city recorded its highest number of homicides in more than 20 years.

Danusha Goska is the author ofGod through binoculars: A hitchhiker in a monastery.

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